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Each Real Estate Project must be approved by the respective Government to be legitimately included in its Citizenship by Investment Program. CCS maintains up-to-date information on the status of existing approved projects and new projects being added to each Program. We are intimately knowledgeable of our portfolio of projects and have excellent working relationships with the developers, which enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive details and special offers in respect of each project. We are therefore very well positioned to provide our clients with the best “value for money” properties which will both meet their requirements and offer excellent returns on their investment. This is important as real estate may be re-sold in all the countries generally after five years of citizenship being granted except in the case of Grenada, where it may be re-sold after three years.

Choosing the Right Property

Each project is unique and CCS ensures that clients are able to choose the best real estate investment to satisfy their requirements. We work with developers in the interest of each particular client. CCS is not a developer and is therefore able to afford its clients unbiased and fair advice in respect of each approved project.

Other Services

CCS provides a vast array of real estate services including the following:

  • Conveyancing of Title and Legal Services
  • Lease/Rental and other Contract Agreements
  • Securing Tenants and Rental Income Management
  • Property Management and Maintenance