St Lucia


St. Lucia is located in the Eastern Caribbean and forms part of an archipelago of island states. The country is 238 square miles in area (616 km2) and its capital city is Castries, which acquired that name in 1756 after the Marquis de Castries, a French naval commander. The British and the French fought fiercely for St. Lucia and it changed hands between these countries a total of fourteen times. This gave rise to a rich French and English heritage, which is still very evident today in all aspects of life in St. Lucia. The country gained independence from Britain on the 22nd February 1979.

St. Lucia has an intriguing landscape ranging from high mountains to beautiful white sandy beaches interspersed with clear rivers and lush, untouched rainforests. It is home to the Pitons, which are twin volcanic peaks known as Gros Piton and Petit Piton. The United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization has designated the Pitons a World Heritage Site.

The Country enjoys a tropical climate moderated by the trade winds and has an abundance of sunshine year-round. Its scenic natural beauty coupled with its hospitable and welcoming people has made it a world acclaimed wedding and honeymoon destination. It has eight times been awarded the designation of the world’s leading honeymoon destination by the World Travel Awards. Two St. Lucians have been awarded Nobel Laureate Prizes and thus St. Lucia can boast as having the highest number of Nobel Laureates per capita in the world.


St. Lucia is 1,490 miles (2,398 km) from Florida; 2,011 miles (3,236 km) from New York and 4,225 miles (6,800 km) from London
It has excellent airlift with direct flights to and from major international destinations. The Country has two airports and is served by over 12 airlines both regional and international
Holders of St. Lucian Passports can travel to 121 countries visa free including Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and the countries of the European Union


The style of Government is one of a parliamentary democracy with a Governor General representing the Queen of England, who is the official Head of State
A Prime Minister is the Head of Government
The Country is a member of the British Commonwealth and maintains membership in various regional and international organizations including the United Nations


St. Lucia is host to several cultural and sporting activities throughout the year
Carnival: July
Independence Celebrations: February
St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival: April – May
St. Lucia Squash Open: June
Rose Flower Festival: August
Bill Fishing Tournament: September
International Creole Day – celebrating its French heritage: October
World Renowned Atlantic Rally for Cruisers which starts from the Canary Islands and ends in St. Lucia: November – December
National Day and Festival of Lights: December


Tropical Climate

Annual Temperatures 24°C – 30°C


Approximately 185,000 persons

Language and Literacy

Official Language English

Literacy Rate of 98%

Currency and Banking

Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD)

$2.71XCD = $1USD

Several Major International Banks

Economy and Taxes

Tourism is the mainstay of the economy and is supported by agriculture and manufacturing