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Corporate vehicles are for many clients integral to optimizing the various opportunities afforded to them in their new countries of citizenship. As part of its continued service and assistance to its clients, CCS offers a portfolio of post citizenship corporate services. These services are aimed at ensuring that clients, through our licenced corporate specialists are fully informed of their options for among others, wealth and asset management, investing and doing business.


A Private Tax Exempt Company also known as an Offshore Company is a preferred company structure as it offers many advantages, which include:

  • Exemption from Taxes – no corporate, capital gains, withholding or income taxes are payable
  • Anonymity – the use of nominee directors and officers are permitted by law
  • Highest Level of Privacy Protection – beneficial ownership and directorship particulars are not required by law to be disclosed and do not form part of the public records
  • No Nationality Restriction for shareholders, beneficial owners and directors
  • Confidentiality in business transactions
  • Protection of wealth and other assets
  • Global Business – the company is permitted to conduct international business except that it must carry out business exclusively with persons who are not resident in the country of incorporation. Notwithstanding, it may carry out certain activities in the country without losing its tax exemption status
  • Limited Liability and no minimum capitalisation requirement
  • No Financial Reporting requirements
  • No Audit Report requirements
  • Minimal annual Government fees


A Private Ordinary Company is also known as a Local, Domestic or On-Shore Company. This is the ideal company structure for clients who wish to carry on business within their new country of citizenship. The advantages of this type of company include:

  • Global Business – the company is able to carry on international business
  • Local Business –  the company is able to carry on business with persons who are resident in the country of incorporation
  • Costs– low incorporation and annual Government fees

Other Services

CCS offers a wide range of other corporate support services which ensures that our clients are able to seamlessly transition to their new country of citizenship whether to work, invest or to protect and manage their wealth and other assets. We have the solution to your corporate needs. Contact Us today.


Our Corporate Services portfolio which is fully complemented by our Concierge Services  includes:

  • Company management and administration
  • Nominee secretary and director
  • Registered office and address
  • Management of business mail
  • Intellectual property
  • Preparation of legal documents
  • Banking and ancillary business services